Alexandra Stone, PhD is a Clinical Neuropsychologist with specialized training in cognitive neuroscience

An Expert in the Differential Diagnosis of Neurodevelopmental Conditions

Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology
Post-Doctoral Specialized Training and Certification in clinical neuropsychology
Specialized Training in Trauma and Dissociative Disorders

Neuropsychology is the unique integration of genetic, developmental, and environmental history with testing data to better understand brain functioning. A “Neuropsychologist” is a specialized title or designation granted to licensed psychologists with pre-doctoral training in neuropsychology and only after completion of rigorous and lengthy (2 to 4 years) post-doctoral training and education in clinical neuropsychology from an accredited program.

What distinguishes a Neuropsychologist from other psychologists who also perform evaluations, is the concentrated training in the human nervous system and a breadth of knowledge of brain structures and systems that relate to cognition (the ability to think, remember, learn, etc.). Thus, a more standard assessment tends to lack the specificity to understand what underlying neurological processes are causing the symptoms, while a Neuropsychologist uses knowledge of brain development and neurological organization to guide their assessments, specify the origin and evolution of a disorder, and to create a road map of customized recommendations.